About Us

Our Approach

We are highly technical and enthusiastic bunch of people who are a mix of Solutions Architect to Developers. We love to learn and explore new technologies and reap the benefits of new technologies. We always want to be ahead of curve in terms of our technology adoption and that philosophy is ingrained in our approach. We first learn it , use it and then spread those technologies which we believe in through our Consulting and Training Services.

Our Story

We have been always early adopters of new technologies and platforms. After seeing the potential of Cloud Computing around 2008 we thought of focussing in this area since 2012. We feel that companies are slow in adopting new technologies for various reasons. One of the reasons is related to having right skill set and not having enough time to explore new technologies. That is why we are are here.

Meet the Team

  • Amod Kadam – Founder and Chief Architect
  • Dr. Rajan Nikam – Chief Technical Advisor
  • Atul Acharya – Principal Consultant JEE/Open Source/Cloud