carmen jones analysis

The film is an adaptation of the 19th-century French opera Carmen with an all-black cast. What is the author’s goal in this book? For Bass, these elements summarized the emotional core of the film, in which love, lust, greed, betrayal, and rage are not only key motivators but are often ambiguous and indistinguishable from one another. As noted African-American film critic Donald Bogle describes, “Aunt Jemimas are toms blessed with religion” and are generally “sweet, jolly, and good-tempered – a bit more polite than mammy and certainly never as headstrong ” (2001, p. 9). It tells the story of a young, free spirited woman called Carmen Jones whose great beauty is the object of many men's desires. This essay is a short review of the 1954 American musical film Carmen Jones, starring Dorothy Dandridge as Carmen and Harry Belafonte as Joe. Finally, Bamboozled will be analyzed for location within the proper black cultural and historical context, and for some of the symbolism and elements that define it as a located text.

As the show’s success mounts, Delacroix and his assistant Sloane receive criticism from family, friends, and some of the broader public for being traitors of their race, and reproducing past stereotypes of blacks. Furthermore, it is difficult to instill racial pride and self-esteem in the black child when faced with a media that often blatantly devalues blackness and glorifies whiteness, as well as school institutions that fail to equip black students with accurate knowledge of their culture’s history and achievements.

Originally played by a white actor in blackface, this was not unusual during this time period, when “the use of whites in black roles was then a common practice” in silent films and on stage, thus creating “the first Negro” in film roles(2001, p. 3). She is usually a bossy servant or maid whose stubborn attitude, like the comic coon, is used for laughs. However, as with the novels, this appearance is deceptive. Found still present in modern media and film are the same, only updated stereotypes of the coon, the mammy, the jezebel, the tom, and others, only made subtler.

While she awaits his release, trouble approaches for both of them. A dutiful soldier, Joe obeys orders, even when he finds them unfair or inconvenient. Yet this does not only mean looking at the experiences of African Americans, though this is crucial. Noted African-American film critic Donald Bogle describes the tom as one who was “chased, harassed, hounded, flogged, enslaved, and insulted”, but who still never turned “against their white massas and remain hearty, submissive, stoic, generous, selfless, and oh-so-very kind”, hence charming white audiences and emerging as “heroes of sorts” (2001, p. 4-6).

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