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We recently published a KB article on How to configure Backblaze B2 with Duplicity on Linux that demonstrates how to set up Duplicity with B2 and back up and restore a directory from Linux. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Please install them and try again. When it comes to protecting and preserving precious data, it is best to go the extra mile and make sure you can depend on your backups if the need arises. One downside of Onedrive is that currently you need to grant duplicity access to all your files.

To learn more, you can review the documentation at https://restic.readthedocs.io. With Duplicity, the first archive is a complete (full) backup, and subsequent (incremental) backups only add differences from the latest full or incremental backup. Better yet, put both in a shell script with permissions of 700. Our test environment consists of a CentOS 7 box (to be backed up) and a Debian 8 machine (backup server). Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage Integrations page, How to configure Backblaze B2 with Duplicity on Linux, How to configure Backblaze B2 with Restic on Linux, Ransomware: How to Prevent or Recover from an Attack, Not So Suite: Dealing With Google’s New 2TB Caps, Enhanced Ransomware Protection: Announcing Data Immutability With Backblaze B2 and Veeam, How iconik Built a Multi-Cloud SaaS Solution, Oslo by Streamlabs, Collaboration for Creatives, Wishful Thinking: Extended Version History in Real Life, Simplifying Complex: A Multi-Cloud Approach to Scaling Production, The Path to S3 Compatible APIs: The Authentication Challenge, Hold On, Back Up: This Is How to Save Your TikToks.

I have been struggling to get bacula runni g on my Ubuntu 14.04 server.

In this article we will show you how to use a tool called Duplicity to backup and encrypt file and directories. Once the keys have been generated, you can list them as follows: The string highlighted in yellow above is known as the public key ID, and is a requested argument to encrypt your files.

If you like what you are reading, please consider buying us a coffee ( or 2 ) as a token of appreciation. If you register with onedrive using the link above, i will get free space added through the referral program. Chains consisting of a full backup … Sounds interesting?

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Increasing Thread Count: Useful in Sheets and Cloud Storage Speed. In this “write once” model, files are always appended to the end of the tape.

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Configuring duplicity and duplicity-backup.sh to backup to hubic.…, Configuring duplicity backups using the duplicity-backup.sh script.…. It’s not possible to go back and change the data that’s already been written. Unlimited data.

$6/month. to search or browse the thousands of published articles available FREELY to all. Cloud Storage Vs. This is one post in a series of tutorials on Duplicity. Please keep in mind that all comments are moderated and your email address will NOT be published. If you still have the cronjob scheduled and used the same configuration file, the backup will automatically go to onedrive instead of the sftp server. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Have a question or suggestion? After confirming by clicking on yes, we need to copy/paste the URL we are forwarded to into duplicity which is waiting/asking for it. Then you should make sure that you can connect to the backup server without using a password: Now we need to create the GPG keys that will be used for encryption and decryption of our data: To create the entropy needed for the creation of the keys, you can log on to the server via another terminal window and perform a few tasks or run some commands to generate entropy (otherwise you will have to wait for a long time for this part of the process to finish).

If a file is modified and overwritten or removed from the volume, the associated tape blocks used are not freed up: they are simply marked as unavailable, and the used volume capacity is not recovered. Please leave a comment to start the discussion. In this article we will setup automated backup using Duplicity and Amazon S3. Experience shows that you can never be too paranoid about system backups. Using the Onedrive backend requires python-requests and python-requests-oauthlib to be installed (as defined on the man page under Requirements). A backup sequence begins with a full backup of data. If any of the incremental backups are missing, then reconstructing a complete and current backup is much more difficult and sometimes impossible. You can also subscribe without commenting.

Duplicity backs up files by producing encrypted, digitally signed, versioned, TAR-format volumes and uploading them to a remote location, including Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage. It is from the use of tape that we get the full backup/incremental backup approach to backups. Millions of people visit TecMint! Run following commands to install latest duplicity and python-boto library (duplicity needs it for Amazon S3).

Duplicity is available under many Unix-like operating systems (such as Linux, BSD, and Mac OS X) and ships with many popular Linux distributions including Ubuntu, Debian, and Fedora. Most customers will do frequent full-backups to avoid this. If you want to avoid this, please use this link or type in https://onedrive.com into your browser manually. Once the installation completes, we will exclusively use sftp in various scenarios, both to back up and to restore the data. Data is deleted and capacity recovered only if the whole tape is reformatted. I also have to say that I did only test onedrive with a personal account, access to a Office 365 Onedrive account may not work (Onedrive personal and Office 365 are called identically, but are 2 separate things when interacting with them on an API level).

Tecmint: Linux Howtos, Tutorials & Guides © 2020. These include CloudBerry, Duplicity, Duplicacy, 45 Drives, GoodSync, HashBackup, QNAP, Restic, and Rclone, plus other choices for NAS and hybrid uses. Putting the passphrase on the command line is a bad idea for security, as it’s visible to all users in the same host, via the ps command.

This is in addition to any encryption and security from the storage provider. In the old school model, data is written sequentially to the storage medium.

The choices range from free and open-source programs to paid commercial tools, and include applications that are purely command-line based (CLI) and others that have a graphical interface (GUI), or both. October 19, 2017 by Roderick Bauer // 31 Comments. Linux users have a variety of options for handling data backup. Duplicity – Create Encrypted Linux File System Backups Even today, when some cloud and hosting providers offer automated backups for VPS’s at a relatively low cost, you will do well to create your own backup … Would it be better to use dedicated backup user instead of root for SSH connection? As a Linux/Unix user, you undoubtedly are familiar with the TAR archive format, which is an acronym for Tape ARchive. If you take a look at our Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage Integrations page, you will see a number of offerings that enable you to back up your Linux desktops and servers to Backblaze B2.

Restic assumes that the storage location for repository is shared, so it always encrypts the backed up data. In addition, using incremental backups for this task will help us to save space. We are thankful for your never ending support.

It also can be used with Windows under Cygwin. Duplicity will now save the oauth-key, so no further actions are required. The basic configuration of this post will be used in this post to configure duplicity-backup.sh. Fixing this should be easy - the new API does support this, but it does not seem to be implemented into the duplicity backend (yet), which is still using the old skydrive API. TAR has been around since 1979 and was originally developed to write data to sequential I/O devices with no file system of their own. Especially if you intend to run duplicity on a server - the OAuth key will need to be saved on that server - which could be a potential problem if sensitive files are in Onedrive and your server is be breached. We now run the duplicity-backup.sh script again.

In this post, we’ll discuss two popular command line and open-source programs: one older, Duplicity, and a new player, Restic. Restic is open source and free software and licensed under the BSD 2-Clause License and actively developed on GitHub. Data deduplication techniques ensure that only one unique instance of data is retained on storage media, greatly increasing storage efficiency and flexibility.

Roderick has held marketing, engineering, and product management positions with Adobe, Microsoft, Autodesk, and several startups.

Deduplication is a process that eliminates redundant copies of data and reduces storage overhead.

Data can be written and changed anywhere on the storage medium. With the arrival of non-sequential storage medium, such as disk drives, and new ideas such as deduplication, comes the new school approach, which is used by Restic. How would you compare duplicity to bacula? Restic is a recently available multi-platform command line backup software program that is designed to be fast, efficient, and secure.

7 Best Open Source “Disk Cloning/Backup” Tools for Linux Servers, The 5 Best Graphical Backup Tools for Ubuntu and Linux Mint, rdiff-backup – A Powerful Incremental Backup Tool Now Supports Python 3, Relax-and-Recover – Backup and Recover a Linux System, fwbackups – A Feature-rich Backup Program for Linux. The material in this site cannot be republished either online or offline, without our permission.

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