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Subscribe A retired master car thief must come back to the industry and steal 50 cars with his crew in one night to save his brother's life. What I do is, I sit on my hand for, like, 15, 20 minutes, until it goes numb. He's sniffing real close. Follow us on. Roland Castlebeck: What? One Raines is as good as another. Memphis: You stole a car that wasn't on the list. Memphis: Perhaps, Mmmm. Answer: It's called 'Painted On My Heart' by The Cult. Ignacio: That's nasty. How about having sex WHILE boosting cars? Flourishing, really, except for the minor inconvenience of despising everything about your country. And he did, thinking it was best for you. Otto Halliwell: Hey, hey, ten points for our fearless leader. Roland Castlebeck: Cadillac?Drycoff: Same. They threw us out of England, they threw us out of France, so here we are. I'm a little tired, little *wired*, and I think I deserve a little appreciation! One, you kill me, they kill you, your brother dies anyway. We should all be so fortunate. I call it "the Stranger." I rob from the rich and give to the needy. And don't ever talk about my wife. The ladies are dirty. Raymond Calitri: They threw us out of England, they threw us out of France, so here we are. Memphis: Without disappointment you cannot appreciate victory. Gone in 60 Seconds Angelina Jolie as Sara 'Sway' Wayland. Roland Castlebeck: A damn car. Get the freshest reviews, news, and more delivered right to your inbox! Drycoff: All gone, we didn't get a single one of them, and we are talking about professionals. Flourishing, really, except for the minor inconvenience of despising everything about your country. Roland Castlebeck: The only '67 Shelby in the area is registered at a place called the International Towers in Long Beach.Drycoff: Let's go to Long Beach. No feeling at all. Toggle navigation. View All Photos (4) Gone in 60 Seconds Quotes. Freb: You mean the poor. I got some low-riding music for you. And then I rub one out. One, you kill me, they kill you, your brother dies anyway.Memphis: Shut it off!Raymond Calitri: Two, you lie, you accept the job, you run, I hunt you down, I kill you, I kill your brother, and I kill your mother for the aggravation you cause me. Memphis: Cop car! Kip, man we gonna use a brick, we may as well call prison and make reservations! Memphis: I've been in L.A. for three months now. If anything tonight appears out of place, I want you to cut bait, get out of there, and walk away. You say, "poor Toby". And get rid of this goddamn car! You know, I don't just abandon my ... Why are people shooting at us? Donny: Hell, no. . Kip: Why are people shooting at us?Memphis: 'Cause I blew up their car! I'd truly hate to piss him off. You got it? Sway: Hello, ladies. Otto Halliwell: Uh, Jim Rockford, "Rockford Files". Kip: Well, go on then. Isn't it? Any a$$hole can pull a gun on somebody! Halicki, Marion Busia, Jerry Daugirda, James McIntyre. Mirror Man: Man, I got three words for all of y'all: Get a life! He does his signature move once given to Paul Gascoigne in a football match. Donny: Well, that kinda defies the point. Gone in Sixty Seconds Quotes. I just stole fifty cars in one night! Addresses are not passed on to any third party, and are used solely for direct communication from this site. Oh my god sweetie you're so talented. Memphis: Obviously, they're on to us. Three, you accept the job, you steal some cars, you make some money, and you be a big brother. To know when people like your submissions, answer your questions, reply to you, etc., please. I'm a little tired, littl... GOD! First question, who was the driver . Quotes. I guess it wasn't that big a deal for him though, really. A quote can be a single line from one character or a memorable dialog between several characters. How about having sex WHILE boosting cars? Det. Do I look like an arsehole? I have money, I have taste. Get out of Long Beach, tonight. Sway, how about giving us the Bill Bixby trifecta? Raymond Calitri: You got 30 seconds to consider your options. What I do is, I sit on my hand for, like, 15, 20 minutes, until it goes numb. He left all of us, for you. Memphis: Yeah. You got it? Bashed Cop: I think so. Man, when this is over I'm gonna smoke a joint, watch two hours of Roots and I'm gonna KICK YOUR ASS! Donny: Hello, and welcome to TV Car Trivia!

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