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also I want to point out that I remember to use a topical icon!!! Elle se classe en 16 e position du Billboard Hot 100 à sa sortie.

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But mostly absolute kudos to them for pulling off that plot and that tone simultaneously. God I love every time they talk about all the hijinks they got into as young ones, it makes me SO HAPPY. yes ok this is a way better take than my fevered worst case scenario, I will adopt it into my worldview & upon its firm foundation build castles of headcanons and FEELINGS. Tipsy and excited me makes mistakes everywhere! Immigrant Song est une chanson du groupe britannique de hard rock Led Zeppelin, unique single de l'album Led Zeppelin III publié le 5 novembre 1970 avec pour face B l'inédit Hey Hey What Can I Do. Les paroles centrées sur la He seems like the kind of character who'd be an ultra groan-worthy jar jar binks type character in any other movie but all his appearances and his whole gentle giant endealment was just perfect, I kept being pleasantly surprised every time he showed up. OH WOW OK wow. SO GREAT. (/booooooooone). GOOD MORNING, I HAVE SEEN RAGNAROK, and I have some. Good, I am glad, also wow so many typos. Copyright © 2009-2020 Dreamwidth Studios, LLC. I also really liked the callback to their adventures together, the enormous history they have that we haven't seen before. i love himmmmmm. I would love to see them in a different way. Also, in a way I'm sad that Hela died because I think their triple sibling hijinx could be incredibly fun to watch. Apparently one of the things I want is the full history of Odin's A+ parenting! He was fully expecting Loki to leave! Okay it is hilarious to me that you think that Thor 2 was bad because I genuinely love it while I always fall asleep in the middle of Thor 1. ahaha wow entropy has definitely stolen that particular set of dw skills from me, after all this time xD. And then I looked on IMDB to find out what the grandmaster's assistant's name is (Topaz!) I kind of love it, but also it is a kind of rubbish plot wrapped around an awesome road trip, and while I also find it more consistently watchable than Thor 1, I don't think it's very. YEAH, re: kind of wanting the stakes to be lower! Re the difference in her and Loki's approach to things -- I actually felt kind of bad for her, she really did think intimidating everyone into doing what she wanted was any kind of long term plan/solution, because clearly it worked for her BEFORE, but also, like ... did Odin properly convey why it wasn't working anymore, or was he just alarmed and preemptively locked her away?? ...oh my gosh that's SUCH a great point, YES, I absolutely felt like it was being a lot truer and more attentive to its mythological sources than the other movies, but I hadn't really pinpointed out, and that is SUCH a great articulation of that feeling. And ohhh, I mean, clearly the solution to Hela was to stop her at any cost, but I too am sad that she couldn't have stuck around for sibling shenanigans!

I find myself wishing for in-line comment ability because this is just too much react to in one comment?? Like, fuck, Hela legitimately murdered Volstagg and Fandral in one hit apiece, and Hogun did have a good last stand, but none of them lived to join Heimdall's resistance?! Oh yes, I completely agree with you that this movie changes their dynamic a bit. I think I saw Thor 2 twice in the theater.
Depuis, la chanson est devenue un classique que le groupe a utilisé en ouverture de ses concerts de 1970 à 1972. SO THAT EXPLAINS THAT. I read that fic you recced on twitter and really liked that it pointed out the similarities between Loki and Hela - but also, they are quite different in that Loki's approach is "how can I make this person fuck up all on his own" and only pulls knives out of thin air if he's really pissed and/or in a bind, while Hela basically can't be bothered to expend the mental effort and just materializes really big knives so her problem can go away as quickly as possible. Like ... on the one hand I REALLY loved the plot, but on the other I felt kind of wrecked by the end?? Like, they allied in Thor 2 for a time and then Loki fucked off, and Extra Amazing Grownup RagnaThor doesn't harbor illusions about Loki anymore!

I just back from the movie and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZGHGHGHGHGHGHGH! OH AND ALSO, in things I ran out of time to put in my original comment - I was going to say how much I loved Korg, like, unexpectedly. "I'm starting a revolution!" Your post and also the entire movie ahhhh so much. Dreamwidth skillz not fully atrophied. Hah. Okay I am a total Thor/Lokiwife so take my opinion with a grain of salt but I THINK that Thot had absolutely confidence in Loki's ability to get out of any situation, but he didn't think that Loki would come back TO HIM because historically Loki has not??? ENDLESS SCREAMING RE: THE FIC YOU'RE WRITING, God, you're telling me, I need to see it again immediately with a smuggled-in notebook to take notes on what's happening when; tbh I think the last time I did that was at the first Thor movie XD But yeah, I miiight have kind of stalled out on my fic because I'm like "what happened when??". and evidently Korg is played by Taika Waititi himself???? *whispers* come ship Thor/Loki with meeeee, *rolls around delightedly in all your thoughts and feelings*. That was ... both as funny as I was expecting, and A LOT darker than I was expecting! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh I read most of this aloud to Nico and your opinions are GOOD and CORRECT, YAY CHEERS, y'all please feel free to tell me your thoughts as well, my whole brain is Thor feelings :D. I finally saw this tonight and the first thing I did after getting home was open this post to read your feelings, because OMG THAT WAS AMAZING. [immigrant song yell] GOOD MORNING, I HAVE SEEN RAGNAROK, and I have some thoughts. Being all big and mature & accepting and letting go of his bro even though what he really wants is to give him a hug!!!

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