what are the 6 types of law

Public and Private Law: Public Law can be defined as that aspect of Law that deals with the relationship between the state, its citizens, and other states. When treating a criminal case, the standard of proof to be used is proof beyond reasonable doubt; S.135 Evidence Act 2011. CQUniversity Australia is a trading name of Central Queensland University. 4. Common Law and Equity: In the legal sense, the term common law means the law developed by the old common law courts of the King’s Bench, the Courts of Common Pleas and the Courts of Exchequer. Substantive and Procedural Law: Substantive Law is the main body of the law dealing with a particular area of law. my millions of thanks to u sir, Sir words can’t express how appreciative I am right now..those little little doubt in my head are cleared off.i must say I nice job uve done here sir,and once again thank you. The legal system protects the If an action did not fit into a writ, there was no remedy for such action. Eternal laws are laws that have applied since the beginning of time and would exist till the end of time. Australia's independent national workplace relations tribunal. Examples of positivist law include the 1999 Constitution, Company and Allied Matters Act, Banks and Other Financial Institutions Act and a host of others enacted by man. CQUniversity Australia acknowledges the traditional owners of the land upon which we stand. If you think you may have ground for a case, contact us at Brent George Law to discuss options. Administrative law may also apply when the person whose decision you wish to challenge is not a government officer but is exercising "public power" (e.g. It is a legal system and not necessarily a classification of law. It is one that governs the relationship between a higher party — the state — and a lower one, the citizens. These laws are said to be given by God to the Prophet Muhammed in order to guide the affairs of man. This ruling however, did not help to completely solve the problem between the two courts. Types of Laws. The four types of civil law are torts, contract law, family law and personal disputes. 2. P.S: If you are interested in getting awesome grades in your legal method exams, then you should sign up to download my free guide to decoding exam questions. The English common law is regarded as such because it is law common to all parts of England. Educating yourself in this area should be part of your career exploration process. Torts serve to protect a person’s interest in his or her bodily security, tangible property, financial resources, or reputation. The principle posits that manufacturers of products should take utmost care in their manufacturing activities to ensure that the consumption of their product doesn’t result in harm to the consumer. It’s under divine law. Examples include the Law of Torts, the Law of Contract, the Law of Trust and so on. The reasoning of the Lord Chancellor, Lord Ellesmere, was that by natural law, it was only fair and just for a person who builds a house to be able to live in that house. The Lord Chancellor, as the King’s Prime Minister, was the one that dealt with most of these petitions. Due to the harshness of common law, the people petitioned the King directly for judgement. All download my free guide to decoding exam questions, Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended), http://www.notesformba.com/topic/types-of-law/, Classifications of Law should be the Lawyer's Servant and not his Master - PRINCIOLOGY, A.O Sanni: Introduction To Nigerian Legal Method. There are numerous other types of civil cases, and sometimes a civil cases will follow up a criminal case that has had an unfavorable outcome for the prosecution. This then metamorphosed into the common law of England. Examples of International law include the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights. Examples include the rules of the various courts and the Administration of Criminal Justice Act 2015, which is the procedural law in relation to the Criminal Code Act and the Penal Code Act. Notify me by email when the comment gets approved. The classifications of law are the different categories into which all areas of law can be collated. An example of a municipal Nigerian law is the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999(as amended) which applies in only Nigeria. It grew over time from the practices, customs and way of life of the people. This led to the conglomeration of different customs which were then applied all through the realm. What this means is that before a conviction can be gotten, the state has to prove the commission of the crime to be beyond reasonable doubt. To study more about types of law, please visit my article: http://www.notesformba.com/topic/types-of-law/, At least, i have gotten the classification of law. The matter was brought to the King who referred it to Lord Francis Bacon. particularly in relation to consumer protection. Legal positivism doesn’t concern itself with morals. This law is said to be the law that is innate in all mankind and can be deduced through the use of reason. Decisions or actions governed by administrative law are called (in this chapter) "administrative decisions"." Criminal laws: designed to protect society as a whole from wrongful actions (police can take action) Traffic/road laws.

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