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Rachel’s virtual #DNA workshop looks like great fun.…, It’s King Richard III’s birthday today! Richard was known as a devout man and an efficient administrator. What Was The Atlantic Wall and When Was It Built? What Was It like to Be a Jew in Nazi Occupied Rome? However, in order to participate in three of the major battles of the Wars of the Roses, Richard would have been clad in up to 80 pounds (lbs) of plate armour: this would have been almost impossible if he had been hunchbacked.

A new online only channel for history lovers, many contemporary sources praise his character and rule, 6 Key Battles in the Wars of Scottish Independence. In the series' pilot episode, Richard III (played by Peter Cook) defeats Henry Tudor at Bosworth Field, but is accidentally killed by the bumbling nobleman Edmund Blackadder (Rowan Atkinson). Source material on all aspects of Richard's reign is neatly and impartially brought together by Keith Dockray in Richard III: A Reader in History (Sutton, 1988). Richard also had a number of illegitimate children, including John of Gloucester and a daughter named Katharine-married to William Herbert, 2nd Earl of Pembroke.

Richard and Anne had one son, Edward Plantagenet (also known as Edward of Middleham, 1473 – 9 April 1484), who died not long after being created Prince of Wales. Two large-scale rebellions rose against Richard. Many myths persist about the last Plantagenet king, whose remains were discovered beneath a Leicester car park in 2012. There is currently a memorial plaque on the site of the Cathedral where he may have once been buried.

A few minutes later, he is said to have been beheaded on Tower Green, a clear violation of his rights (i.e., execution without due process) as a Peer guaranteed under Magna Carta. In this account, the deaths of Richard's nephews are faked. However, because of the estates and lands at issue, it is far from clear that he actually loved her, although he was seen to have wept openly at her funeral in 1485, and there are no reports of open unhappiness in their marriage. Both of these children survived Richard.

The American Branch of the Richard III Society carries out its own review of all the suspects in the case of Richard III, in "Whodunit?" To mark the occasion we’re offering free admission to Richards. Richard III (1452–85) was the last Yorkist king of England, whose death at the battle of Bosworth in 1485 signified the end of the Wars of the Roses and marked the start of the Tudor age. At the time of his last stand against the Lancastrians, Richard was a widower without a legitimate son.

The fantasy series by George R. R. Martin, A Song of Ice and Fire, takes place in a situation similar to Richard III's reign, but transposes the characters of that time.

It represents a fantastical but parallel line, with many of the same names and circumstances. Template:House of York Lesser nobility among the Plantagenets were cast aside when the Tudors came to power, including the Aston family, one of whose descendants, John Lathrop, became an ancestor of many famous Americans. Richard is said to have found Anne working as a scullery maid in a London chophouse and "rescued" her;[citation needed] but the truth is not known. Next Richard kills the court noblemen who are loyal to the princes, most notably Lord Hastings, the lord chamberlain of England. Titulus Regius also cited two further grounds upon which Edward IV's marriage had been invalid, namely that it was made "in a profane place" and that it was made "without the assent of the Lords".

07 October 2020, This exclusive podcast series from @HistoryExtra should prove very interesting listening - let us know if you liste…

Turn detective and travel back through time to uncover the plot lines, birth rights and family connections that combined to create an intricate story of medieval murder, mystery and mayhem. Richard III (2 October 1452–22 August 1485) was King of England from 1483 until his death.

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A comic "secret history" of Richard III is presented in the British historical sitcom Blackadder.

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