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Norma Rae’s father dies while experiencing pain in his arm and requests for a break by management only to be denied at the textile mill. In an interview shortly before her death she said, “It is not necessary I be remembered as anything, but I would like to be remembered as a woman who deeply cared for the working poor and the poor people of the U.S. and the world. [8], She received threats and was finally fired from her job. The majority of these workers, until the 1960s, were white, and three-quarters of the nation’s textile manufacturing was happening in this relatively small cluster of Southern states. The TWUA needed to know what was happening, so Sutton, on a break, began to copy the letter and finished, despite the fact that she was harassed by three supervisors who ultimately threatened to fire her and call the police. She had been "thinking about the paltry wages, the bone-tiring work and the stingy benefits that she and her parents had suffered. She wanted something better for her children. Before they could drag her out of the mill, she got up on a table, wrote “UNION” in marker on a board and flashed it to her co-workers.

Sutton was immediately noticed by the union, who had almost never seen her ilk, but her conduct alienated her from her community.

"[2][6] “Management and others treated me as if I had leprosy,” she stated. This was the tumultuous environment in which Crystal found herself. Her supervisors had forbidden people to copy the letter, which among other lies, asserted that the union was run by African-Americans. Following the events that made her famous and before the release of Norma Rae, she and Jordan were divorced. Sutton’s family had lived in Roanoke Rapids for generations and they’d all worked in the textile industry. This distrust was magnified by many of the mill-owners, as was the fact that minorities were more likely to support unions. May 20, 2020 - Explore Julia Webb's board "Norma rae" on Pinterest. [citation needed] On August 28, 1978, the 3,133 workers at the Roanoke Rapids plant[1] voted to allow The Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union (ACTWU) to represent them by a slim 237 vote margin. Roanoke Rapids was controlled by the Stevens Company and children were taught the tools of the mill trade as well as fed anti-union propaganda as early as elementary school. Because black Americans were disproportionately more in favor of unions than whites, the company claimed that the unions were merely the tool of “Black Power” and similar to today’s rhetoric about immigrants, that these minorities would steal the jobs of “hard-working whites”. They try to escort Norma Rae off the premises but she flees into the main production area where the din of the looms makes it almost impossible to hear anyone.

All of a sudden the plant was very quiet…”[1][9] Sutton was physically removed from the plant by police, but she achieved her goal. - Brad Kessler" My Mom and I purchased an income property through Norma Rae, she was very professional and knowledgeable. Eventually, she began working for the ACTWU directly, however. Despite the fact that these southern mills were responsible for the vast majority of textile production in the U.S., the workers in these mills, on average, were paid less than their Northern colleagues and were far less likely to be represented by a union. The workers in the factories often worked six days a week and often for less than $2.80 an hour (roughly equivalent to $15/hr today.). Stodgill (1948, p. … For many, these labor battles were the logical next step after the Civil Rights Movement in that noble mission of making a more equal nation. [2] She married Larry Jordan Jr. and had her third child at 25.

Crystal Lee died in 2009 of brain cancer, the casualty of another corporation after her insurance company delayed her treatment. In the 1960s, the Civil Rights Act allowed African-American employees access to more and better jobs in the mills, which stoked racist anxiety among the white employees. Although this fight was lengthy and messy, it drew national attention. Crystal Lee Sutton (née Pulley; December 31, 1940 – September 11, 2009) was an American union organizer and advocate who gained fame in 1979 when the film Norma Rae was released, based on events related to her being fired from her job at the J.P. Stevens plant in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina on May 30, 1973 for "insubordination" after she copied an anti-union letter posted on the company bulletin board. Beau Bridges, Ron Leibman, Pat Hingle, Barbara Baxley, and Gail … The workers started cutting their machines off and giving me the victory sign.

[citation needed] The honor was named after a 1963 encyclical letter, Pacem in terris (Peace on Earth), by Pope John XXIII, that calls upon all people of good will to secure peace among all nations.

Her frustrations began when her mother temporarily loses her hearing at the textile mill but is not treated well by the workplace doctor. Sign up and be the first to hear about news, sales, and giveaways! [12], Sutton was born Crystal Lee Pulley in Roanoke Rapids on December 31, 1940. With the assistance of Norma Rae and by working day and night he was able to pull off an impossible feat of unionizing the workers at the plant.

In fact, Coretta Scott King (the widow of Martin Luther King Jr.) marched with workers protesting at a J.P. Stevens shareholders meeting in New York City. According to a paper In Good Faith, between 1963 and 1973, the National Labor Relations Board found Stevens guilty in 21 cases of violating labor laws and the company was forced to pay out $1.3 million in back wages to hundreds of employees fired simply because they’d supported unionization. No press, nothing."

2011 - 2020 | All Rights Reserved. Early industrial mills in places like Lowell, Massachusetts offered women of the late 1800s a way out of the home and even educational opportunities and many of the mill owners created towns to house their workforce, often in accordance with their own pseudo-utopian ideals. Any measure of worker protections that exist in the textile industry and in fashion more generally, are the work of bold pioneers who risked their safety and livelihoods to better the conditions in which they and their fellow laborers worked.

[6] Her papers and memorabilia are located at Alamance Community College in North Carolina, where she took classes in nursing in 1988. See the dramatization depicted below in Norma Rae: Unlike a Hollywood script, the ties between Crystal Lee Sutton’s dramatic last stand and larger changes in the textile industry are hard to connect. What’s certain is that Sutton was a martyr in a larger struggle and by pitching herself into the struggle with her characteristic vigor, was able to win the trust of her co-workers. The iconic moment in the Sutton and Norma Rae stories comes later in that first year of her organizing. Manipulation, bribery, retaliation and intimidation are one of the few issues Norma Rae, Reuben Warshovsky and other textile workers encountered.

[8] She married at 19, gave birth to her first child at 20, and was widowed at 21. Though we adore (and almost fetishize) clothes that have been made in the U.S., that iconic “Made in the U.S.A.” tag in our clothes isn’t the silver bullet to iniquity that we sometimes make it out to be. [citation needed] Thanks to a coalition of black and white women employees of the mill, Sutton's national speaking tour, and local organizing on behalf of workers among religious groups, J.P. Stevens and ACTWU agreed to a settlement in 1980. Sutton had been working in one of the seven mills in her home town since the time she was in high school. " I am very pleased by Norma Rae’s ability to supply current knowledge of the real estate community and always willing to go the extra mile. Find high-quality Norma Rae stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images.

Norma Rae’s character is played by Sally Field whose story is based on a real life person by the name of Crystal Lee Sutton who tried to organize the J.P. Stevens textile mill. Reuben Warshovsky is a labor organizer from New York representing the Textile Workers Union of America is committed to convincing the workplace that unionization will increase wages and better working conditions at the O. P. Henley … Of course, this is nothing new. There was nobody from the regional office. [1][5] Shortly after, by August 28, 1978, Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union (ACTWU) began to represent workers at the plant. [citation needed] But before she left, she took one final stand, filmed in Norma Rae.

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