robinson crusoe friday joke

He Had All His Work Done by Friday.” It was reported in June 1950 that one neighborhood grocery displayed the sign, “Be Like Robinson Crusoe—Have Most of Your Shopping Done by Friday.” The “Only Robinson Crusoe had everything done by Friday” saying has appeared on many websites that contain office/work sayings and jokes.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, yayınlanan haber dergisi “Endüstriyel Dünya” Cilt 46, Sayı 2, 1 Temmuz, 1912, edition terimini Kız Cuma kullanır. He walk around until it becomes apparent he is alone on an island except for a pig and a dog, both of which are strangely domesticated. İle Cuma günü ilişkisi Robinson Crusoe akademik analizin konusu olmuştur.

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Wikipedia: Friday (fictional character)

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