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Oh, glorious day. To no surprise, we are no match for the force of the ocean, and the waves take out his castle time and again. Time and time again, one must construct the sculpture, fully aware that it will erode as high tide sweeps in. People. Smart strategy should result in an outcome that is a “net gain.”. Dr. Lycette was a 2018-2019 Doximity Author and is a 2019-2020 Doximity Fellow. In this workshop, you will: We have more measurement tools than ever before; so many, that we don't know what to do with most of them. You’re too far out into the tide. Of course, the joy of construction disappears after a few days. You want to create a really clear picture of why you’re embarking on an initiative, what its business imperative is, and how it will play out, but you leave room for creativity, growth and, yes, the inevitable waves that will change things up and require thinking on your feet to keep things going. The weather is unpredictable. But none of this can happen if an engineer holes up in a cubicle, and refuses to interact with others. No matter how resilient the castle, if each wave is higher than the next, and there is no break to come, it doesn’t matter how sturdy the base, or how steady the repairs. As a life-long Midwesterner, I haven’t spent a lot of time on the beach. Read more But it is usually a unwanted outcome, and keeping a system running smoothly requires diligent observation. This methodology emphasizes identification of unexpected complications, as it focuses on newly-arisen issues, and is not intended as a replacement for standard performance reports. not negative, but more of a “net gain.”. I Didn't Match, May 10, 2019

Today, social platforms are where your customers and constituents of all ages and stages literally live online.

The connotation of a sandcastle isn’t always positive. Opinions are her own. Several folk (including me) watched their intense focus from afar, impressed not just with their artistry and patience, but by their willingness to ignore the lure of the Caribbean waters, and their painstaking attention to detail. In this workshop, you will: Gone are the days when “social media” was the domain of your twenty-something employees. It never stops. He puts his body between his castle and the waves, and uses his red shovel to dig like mad. Steel will rust, capacitors will short circuit, and out-of-spec materials will find their way into the process. Feel free to use. And like my second child experienced, it’s hard to admit to oneself the reality of the problem — instead blaming oneself and feeling one can and should succeed if one only tries harder — until and unless someone in a stronger position acknowledges it. Even the biggest, strongest castle will fall beneath that rising tide. ), the outcome(s) of your initiative must ultimately support, not detract from, your organization’s objectives. Do you know which it is your organization or business does... and the business ramifications of not doing it well? Surfaces idealized as perfectly smooth by the designer acquire minute ripples during the machining process. In the middle of the week. Sandcastle as strategy. Your email address will not be published. It only ever happened that one time. Please wait while you are being authenticated... Take Your Social PR Game From

Sandcastles. It is deceptively easy to believe that the job is finished once a device, or system, or methodology has been designed. So this is officially my first post of, and for, the 2020s which is, I think, completely acceptable, timing-wise. Today, good public relations entails much more than blindly blanketing the media (and bloggers) with information that’s of dubious value to begin with. What a Sandcastle Reminded Me About Strategy.

With The Social PR Virtuoso® In a perfect world, this should not have to be done. Do others criticize that I should be “more resilient?” Most definitely. ), or customer likelihood to do X, Y, Z (how are you measuring this), or greater efficiencies (how are you measuring this? Administration burden “death by a thousand clicks”, Patients are much sicker and care is more complex, Policing the Speech of Each Other Doesn't Improve Teamwork. Operators forget rules about proper usage, and begin to utilize machinery in applications for which it was not intended. However, as a design is refined and improved, the life cycle of the system deserves serious consideration. Please share any comments you have on resilience, burnout, sabbaticals, and related thoughts. Clearly they were willing to risk ruin, and expend significant effort, a second (and possibly third, fourth, and …) time, for the potentially short-lived return of their satisfaction and enjoyment (not to mention everyone else’s). One child works with slow and methodical diligence, silent and intent on his task.

Kids. When engineering students are asked to carry out design projects in a period of a few weeks, just getting their design to function properly is a sufficient challenge. Beyoncé sings: For our entire careers, starting in training, we’re suckered into trying to “win the game.” Finish that last note. The game looks very different positioned up the beach, versus mired in the middle of the tide. Join the conversation via an occasional email, focusing on the self-care part of the new year’s resolutions, Announcement: The Social PR Virtuoso® Master Course Has a New Home. “You’ve got to build up a base first,” the first advises in a patient voice from his position of relative safety, farther out from the tide. Link to Domixity homepage, Read Policing the Speech of Each Other Doesn't Improve Teamwork, Link to Policing the Speech of Each Other Doesn't Improve Teamwork. I think back to my internship, where we dreamed about “winning the game.” It looked like this: if you were on-call every fourth night, and you could discharge all your patients by the end of the third day, you could get a free day on the fourth day of the cycle. Either way, do share via a comment, I’d love to know. Yet, once their original edifice was destroyed, the father-son duo returned to rebuild… on exactly the same spot. These issues are certainly of less immediate importance when one is thrashing about, trying to get a new design to simply work. But not long after I settled down on my lounger, I noticed the same father-son duo back in the same spot. The second ignores him, continuing his frantic strategy between each wave. Engineers fail to ask enough questions when integrating equipment into larger systems. I mean, there are waves.

By visiting a secluded beach, they find themselves in a nightmare world, where time moves so quickly that people age, and ultimately die, in hours instead of years. Now What? Managers forget the caveats placed on equipment specifications, and begin demanding unrealistic production rates.

And it struck me how a simple (ok, in this case, not so simple!) Building up a narrow tower only to have it crash down with the next wave, then lamenting its fall — only to start over again. They spent hours on it, and it was stunning. He refuses. There has to be a willingness to walk the beach, just to see how the sandcastle is fairing. Mentors have a duty to help mentees out of the tide, not pile on advice about being more resilient. My co-interns clustered around me in jealous disbelief. (Keeping a contemporaneous notebook is quite useful in this regard.) It is hard to watch him continue to fight the foregone destruction. The Winnie-the-Pooh Way Forward. But for other physicians, the forces have risen too high and too fast. And anyone responsible for maintaining a house built more than twenty-five years ago knows that there is a significant cost, both in time and currency, associated with keeping a once-pristine structure in proper working order. What’s your personal success strategy for 2019? Nov 5, 2018 Doesn’t it strike you that expending a great deal of time and effort in building such a detailed sandcastle could be considered a waste of time? And no matter how good a tool is, you still need smart people using it in a smart way, to derive the most benefit. Jennifer Lycette, MD • Oncology Oct 23, 2019. So engineers should learn early on that, sooner or later, someone will have to go out and rebuild the sandcastle. Although nature can do significant damage to an engineered system, the most severe problems are often people-related. But I can see the second child has started his castle too far out. Read Do You Want to Talk About Your Weight Today? But it’s like this: for some physicians, they are the castles positioned well out of the tide, with the wide, sturdy bases, that can withstand every seventh wave that sneaks higher than the rest (in Oregon, they are named sneaker waves). It’s how we deal with the impact of those waves that makes or breaks our strategy. 2020 Engineering Revision, educating the next generation of engineers. After all, there has been no dearth of “hooks” in the past couple of weeks to kick off the new year + decade with musings on innovation, strategy, new directions… the kind of thing one expects to be reading (and writing about) when a New Year rolls around. Where possible, designs should account for the eventualities of repair, maintenance, and disposal. I felt like we were building a sandcastle on a beach near the shore. They have a game they like to play. Smart strategy is detailed… but not restrictive. In a similar manner, frequent inspections are required to keep engineered systems operating on a reliable basis. How Is A Sandcastle A Metaphor For Burnout?

Eventually I thought of a metaphor to describe how it felt. ©

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