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PlaceType: EEZ : Latitude: 36° 30' 25.7" N (36.50714°) Longitude: 23° 55' 56.8" E (23.93245°) Precision: 682218 meter : Min. Unfortunately, we are going for a dialogue, forgetting the sufferings of the Cyprus EEZ. This statement would have some significance if the Americans had read the EU positions more carefully. Therefore, since Greece is a party to UNCLOS, it claims that the Meis has a continental shelf and EEZ. Lat: 33° 16' 51.7" N (33.281°) A possible settlement on the Aegean issues will only be functional and lasting if it is built on a common denominator, that is respecting fundamental rights and legitimate interests of both countries. 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US also says map lacks legal significance. Referring to the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), he said that every island has territorial waters and that if it also has a “social life,” this gives it a continental shelf and exclusive economic zone (EEZ). Six years later, in 2019, another government, that of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, brought the EEZ back to the forefront by delimiting it with those of Italy and Egypt and is preparing to delimit the EEZ with Albania, making our brothers in Cyprus angry for the umpteenth time. In a statement, the US Embassy in Ankara on Monday said that the country does not consider the Seville Map to have any legal significance.Despite the statement, Greece and the Greek Cypriot administration of Southern Cyprus – along with some sources close to the EU – keep using the controversial map as a tool to isolate Turkey by giving it no territory outside of the Gulf of Antalya, southern Turkey.The map was prepared in 2007 by Juan Luis Suarez de Vivero, professor of marine geography at the University of Seville in southern Spain.The map, named after the university, claims to determine the continental shelf and the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) according to the median line.It recognizes all of the islands in the region as “mainland” by giving them “full effect.”The map suggests that the boundaries that Greece claims in the Aegean and Mediterranean seas as its continental shelf and the EEZ declared by the Greek Cypriots in 2004 indicate the official borders of the EU.This map claims that Greece’s continental shelf starts from the tiny island of Meis – just 2 kilometers (1.2 km) from the Turkish coast – and goes south to the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, which gives Turkey no territory outside of the Gulf of Antalya.Ankara rejects this claim of a 40,000-square-kilometer continental shelf projected from a 10-square-km island lying just 2 km from the Turkish shore, but 580 km (360 miles) from the Greek mainland.Vivero later wrote in an article that the conflict in the Aegean is as old as the rivalry between Turkey and Greece itself.“In this case, the equidistant line is so close to the Turkish coast that it leaves the majority of the sea’s jurisdictional waters in the hands of a neighbouring country (Greece),” he wrote. On March 7, 2013, the then Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, speaking to officials of the European People's Party, referred to the European EEZ, clearly in favor of a common European policy on the issues of external borders and the EEZ. Karan added that the Seville Map backs Greek arguments and was prepared unilaterally for academic purposes, not legal ones. Turkey has urged negotiations without preconditions to reach a fair sharing of the region’s resources, stressing that using small islands near Turkey – which has the longest shoreline on the Mediterranean – to deprive it of almost all maritime territory is not fair.“The Seville Map takes one part of the UNCLOS into account while ignoring the other,” said Karan. “If we then include the proximity of an island-state such as [Southern] Cyprus in the mix, we see that Turkey’s jurisdictional waters are excessively small, which poses both economic and geo-political problems,” he added, reflecting Turkey’s arguments. The Union's foreign polict head Josep Borrell said after the meeting that Turkey's ships might be sanctioned if they continued hydrocarbon activities. • Who cares about the Republic of Cyprus? We understand that the EU does not consider the Seville Map to be a legally binding document. But the most important element of this document is the next map that shows the EEZs of all EU countries and which, clearly, defines not only the EEZ of Greece but also the fact that it has a sea border with Cyprus. The latest developments leading to this escalation are briefly as follows: On July 21, Turkey issued its first Navtex alert for Oruç Reis seismic vessel's exploration activities in the Eastern Mediterranean. He added that Turkey is not a party to UNCLOS. “States determine their borders based on the law of the sea. A European Commission document entitled "The EU and international ocean governance" states that the EU has the largest EEZ in the world and its size reaches 20 million square kilometers, ie its seas are 380% larger than its land area.

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