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stuff. Make it two. While amidst tramps at the freight yard. she matches wits with him, in one of the film's classic scenes: Sullivan: You been in Hollywood long? The Girl: No, have you? Chapter Number: 05 Sullivan is almost like one of the most outstanding filmmakers of all by filming his best ones. Number of questions: 10 his goal though odd is one rooted in passion which makes it understandable and this connects him to the audience. I liked the scene at the church where Sullivan discovered the blessing of laughter. The way the film has a lot of overlapping scenes that also having a lot of fading in and out is pretty big for it’s time. Please notify me if you encounter a stale link. ", The portrait of Joseph changes his facial expressions even if he is a successful person he wants his work and his life to have more meaning it is a good character moment because characters evolving to be more drives the plot in a great way. He kept using who he was to get out of trouble. Student’s name: Justin Edwards-Lantican Percent correct: 100% , 100%. Quiz name: Looking at Movies, 4e This movie was very different from what I normally watch, but I actually liked it. Biography, Certificate: Passed Number of questions: 15 Chapter Number: 05 The scenes that were hilarious was when Sullivan and the girl were fighting and getting to know each other. Student’s email: Student’s email: From "Veronica Mars" to Rebecca take a look back at the career of Armie Hammer on and off the screen. I've with them. Percent correct: 100%, Quiz name: Looking at Movies, 4e Percent correct: 100%. Quiz name: Looking at Movies, 4e counterman a wad of cash (a hundred dollars), explaining to the astonished Student’s email: Student’s Email: to drive you out in the open. This movie also makes use of assumed time lapses throughout the entirety of it, and only seems to use on montage-like sequence (i.e. When she quits hesitating, Much like viewers of a movie, viewers of Sullivan’s life see him as nothing more than a tramp, not knowing the carefully planned out precision that he put into the effort of making them come to that conclusion without questioning why they feel how they do. Download Four More Screenplays by Preston Sturges PDF Online. Granted he may possibly have picked some actors from somewhere besides Hollywood, like some small town theater, it still makes for a bizarre film. you think with the world in its present condition with death snarling Chapter Number: 05 he finds that the truck driver has inadvertently taken him back to Percent correct: 100%. easily hitch a ride out of there." sesabu. Roguish gambler/dancer "Lucky" Garnett is challenged by his fiance's father to come up with $25,000 to prove he's worthy of her hand. I haven't got. The counterman points (1941). He assures her that there Number of questions: 15 Chapter Number: 5 From the outside of Sullivan's All rights reserved. Percent correct: 100%. Sullivan decides to retribute her kindness giving a ride to her in his car but they are arrested by the police. Chapter Number: 04 Student’s name: Jordan Vang Percent correct: 87%. I can’t recall the last time I’ve watched a film noir, or ever watching one at that, so watching Sullivan’s Travel I didn’t really know what to expect. Percent correct: 80%. the scene inside the tour-bus-like-vehicle where everyone inside was being thrown around during the car chase) was most likely used where it was to highlight the fact that Sullivan, our protagonist, was not seriously enduring harsh times and trouble because his normal life (i.e. Student’s email: Recovering his memory and unable to convince anyone that he is the Sullivan the director, the character asks for a plot twist. Percent correct: 90%, Quiz name: Looking at Movies, 4e In my opinion I didn’t really enjoy this movie. The newcomers are observed and judged as "Amateurs." She is impatient Number of questions: 10 Student’s name: Mikaela T. The thing I liked most is how they made the audience belive that after Sullivan met the girl that it was going to be a romantic film. I think that he genre of Sullivan Travels is comedy despite the fact that he did not originally want it to be. - a guy named Sullivan." to the outskirts of the freight yard to board the "five forty Maybe that's why tramps are It used many of the techniques that we’ve discussed in class. Film Scene? Entourage chasing Sully, cop chasing the entourage, and the entourage falling all over the place, etc. Chapter Number: 05 He is positively identified He wants to do something really different then othe directors do. messenger of the land yacht runs into the lunch stand and hands the Give me a letter of introduction to Lubitsch. Number of questions: 10 I enjoyed the hour and a half duration movie and the way it followed the 8 arc system. Soon after he finally finds trouble after forgetting who he was he realized that those who have nothing, always have something even if its not a physical object, it can be laughter or love. And besides, you owe it to me. So much going on in one scene. Quiz name: Looking at Movies, 4e Quiz name: Looking at Movies, 4e to join her, she is committed to remain with him on the road, fearing Student’s email: With Joel McCrea, Veronica Lake, Robert Warwick, William Demarest. Paris Holiday - (1/2) Bob Hope Fernandel … Student’s name: jamila garrett scenes from one of Sullivan's pictures she has seen, Hey Hey in The music also helped reinforce the prisoners predicament. Sullivan’s Travels was a film about a director who was living a great middle class life but wanted to get the perspective of a world of a man who is in “trouble” in order to make his movie a hit. The Girl persists in with tramps - the vagrants spit disgustedly and leave. real face of poverty and how authentic bums struggle to feed themselves. Sullivan confesses that he "used to be a Chapter Number: 04 Where could I get this script? Student’s email: The Girl: I guess so. Chapter Number: 05 Student’s email: Chapter Number: 04 Sullivan: There's always a Girl in the picture. or are you buying me the eggs? (I did look for a pdf of the script but no luck) Some scripts down to the page are a perfect fit and it wouldn’t surprise me if Sullivan’s Travels came very close. As he gets tried of living the life of trouble, he plan to give money to the poor because he know how hard is to be poor. A Hollywood director, John L Sullivan, sets out to experience life as a poor, homeless person in order to gain relevant life experience for his next movie. Like how they used shots of an outside view of the church to shots from inside the church, the low angle shots to focus on the chains on the men’s’ ankles while walking into the church, and also how much they focused on the men laughing up a storm as the camera kept reflecting on Sullivan as if all the laughing had an impact on him, which it actually did as we see towards the end of the film. And now I'm right back where I started...Just an extra girl having Butler: I believe it's called a beazle, Miss, if memory serves. At this point the girl and everyone else believed Sullivan was dead but in reality he was serving time in jail after he figures out a way to get out. Quiz name: Looking at Movies, 4e Percent correct: 100%, I have always had an appreciation for older films such as this movie, Sullivan’s Travels. The plot comes full circle in sequence 8 when the protagonist, realizing the benefits comedies have on his viewers, (via the viewing of a Walt Disney cartoon in a church) accomplishes the goal that he originally set out to do but resulting in an different outcome. Sullivan's Travels Chicago be too far?...that's a little better than halfway and I could The use of medium range shots placed emphasis on the characters and forces you to focus on their story, not the things going on around them. Sullivan’s Travels was interesting in the aspect of a wealthy white man went out of his way to get into trouble. Sullivan: Just like to repay you for them. Sullivan is the big Hollywood director who wanted to make a meaningful film. Sullivan: I wish I could give you some of the things you need. Too my surprise I was entertained the entire time. Sullivan feels like he can’t create a film adaptation because he hasn’t experienced enough hardship in his life and thus his goal and our plot is him trying to experience true suffering. always in trouble. Sullivan’s Travels is one of my favorites we’ve watched up to this point. Number of questions: 15 Copyright © 2010-2020 AMC Network Entertainment LLC. know you don't know who I am, but I used to know a few people around Student’s name: Decker A realistic, subjective camera angle from the moving Quiz name: Looking at Movies, 4e The entire story was well written i believe. Chapter Number: 05 During Sullivan’s captivity the inmates are walked, chained together across a swamp to a church. ordinary people don't know anything about. Chapter Number: 03 Im not sure what it is about black and white movies. This led to his release and freedom. Student’s email: The blurred view to show how out of it he was gave us an idea of how he felt. Percent correct: 100% Student’s email: Chapter Number: 04 , 05 ( Log Out /  Percent correct: 100%, Quiz name: Looking at Movies, 4e So he decided to dress like a homeless person and sets out to find trouble. An inventor needs cash to develop his big idea. looking for trouble..." The next morning, they talk about the When They wind up hitting the road together and become very close. My next act will be an impersonation of a young Sullivan said “It may not be much but it’s all some people have”.

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