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Judge Chester C. Cole stayed with his decision that schools that were segregated were inconsistent with the Iowa constitution and that schools were required to educate all children. [2], In this case, it was decided twice that each school district in Iowa needed to provide education to all children in the district, and that they could discriminate based on location, but not on race. He believed that this right was recognized by the directors in this case and he stated “ I cannot admit that the refusal to admit this scholar into this particular school was so wrongful as that the courts should interfere by mandamus.” Judge George G. Wright also made it clear that if Susan was allowed to go to a school that was in the proper district, then he didn't know of any principle in which she could complain about. School Overview; School Statistics; School Improvement Plan In 1867, Susan Clark, a 12-year-old African American, sued the local school board of Muscatine, Iowa, because she was refused admittance into Grammar school no. I teach math, social studies, and science. Current Menu. She has taught students from age 3 to 90. 8915 W 93rd Ave, St John, IN 46373. I have taught in the Montgomery Public School system for 26 years. The Drake Law Review published articles based on presentations at the “Clark 150” conference held at Drake University in 2018 observing the 150th anniversary of the 1868 landmark ruling by the Iowa Supreme Court. 2. The nation was still recovering from the Civil War when Clark v. Board of School Directors was argued in 1868, and the issue of "Negro suffrage" divided Iowans on party lines. As his argument progresses he states that all youths are equal before the law, that while school directors may have the ability to dictate school uniform they do not have the ability to say who can attend their school when the student meets all the necessary requirements. After retiring as a full-time classroom teacher in 2015 she has enjoyed going back to teaching classes in Painting and Drawing through Escondido Adult School. 2 under the notion that it was a white school only. Court Records found View. In my work, I utilize my strong drawing and design ability and enjoy the play of light on a subject. Review. Proudly created with In my environment, I am intrigued by organic shapes and subtle colors, which translate into the explosive colors of my palette. Judge George G. Wright stated how he conceded that the law made no distinction as to the rights of children between the ages of five and twenty-one and how all people have the right to attend common schools. [1] Segregation was the norm and continued for decades after, but the decision of this case integrated Iowa schools almost a century before the landmark Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court case in 1954. An important thing to note about this case is that on March 12, 1858, it was provided that the district board of directors "shall provide for the education of the colored youths in separate schools, except in cases where, by the unanimous consent of the persons sending to the school in the sub-district, they may be permitted to attend with the white youths." She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Arizona State University and has been teaching art since 1973. Although Clark’s expertise is watercolor, she is proficient in many other art media and techniques. Beginning in the 2020-2021 school year, the former West Middle School building will be the Susan Clark Junior High School. This page was last edited on 29 June 2020, at 11:25. Susan taught Adult Education art classes for 23 years, then middle and high school art in Vista, CA for 16 years. [3], The court sustained the ruling of the trial court which permitted Ms. Clark to attend "Grammar school No2". Edit Profile. 307 S. 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[3], Judge George G. Wright stated that even though the constitution provided education for all the youths of the state, he believed that the school directors should have the overall say in arranging schools, and that they can direct where the children should attend schools provided that they are kept within their proper districts. I have an M.Ed in Early Childhood Education from A.U.M. Susan V. Clark was just thirteen years old when she became the first black student in the United States to integrate a public school through a court order. I teach math, social studies, and science. I am inspired by these quiet visual moments in my surroundings and the every day objects from my life. In preparation for opening Susan Clark Junior High for Muskie 7th and 8th graders, district administrators and staff have been working diligently to make certain space is not an issue and that class sizes stay as low and manageable as possible. School Attendance (563) 263-0411 ... Stay informed Click here to sign up for email updates from Susan Clark Junior High, or subscribe to SCJH's RSS feed. Iowa’s Constitution stated that, in the words of Judge Chester C. Cole, “Provisions shall be made “for the education of all the youths of the State through a system of common schools,” which constitution declaration has been effectuated by enactments providing for the “instruction of youth between the ages of five and twenty-one years,” without regard to color or nationality, is it not equally clear that all discretion is denied to the board of school directors as to what youths shall be admitted? I see my paintings as an extension of my life; a public visual diary. My name is Susan Clark. Susan taught Adult Education art classes for 23 years, then middle and high school … In 2019 the Board of Education of the Muscatine Community School District voted unanimously to name its newly combined middle schools for Susan V. Clark. Lock. This ruling was substantial because it was the first court to argue that separate was not equal. She has taught students from age 3 to 90. Clark sued the school board claiming that the school was violating Iowa's law and the state constitution by the way that they were segregating the school.

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