what is bunker manifold

23. The ship staff must recheck the flange connection to eliminate the doubt of any leakage, 21. Many vessels have tank gauges which show tank level in control room, but this is only to be relied upon if the system is working correctly. In the simplest form, bunker fuel is the by-product left after the refineries have processed all the more valuable fuels from the crude. 8. • Which tanks are to be filled

The valves which control and regulate the flow of fluid to these pipelines are located on the deck at convenient places. Should you experience any problems with handling (such as excessive sludging) engine performance deterioration or damage when using bunkers it must be reported to technical department immediately. When the ship receives any kind of oil for using it in its machinery it is called a bunker fuel or bunker oil. The point to be noted is that the gasoline/fuel of your car or bike is stored in tank which is part of the vehicle. All equipment in SOPEP(shipboard oil pollution emergency plan) locker are checked and kept near the bunkering station 16. Basically bunker fuel is not readilly available like petrol and it is mainly stored at the major sea ports and it is sold and deilvered via contracts which are physical contracts to the marine vessels which are in need.

If on board test kits are available they shall be used to check viscosity and density of a barge or tank sample before delivery commences. The answer is that as the engine power increases, the fuel consumption also increases. Bunkers are mostly supplied onboard the ship through a bunker barge, which is a relatively small boat or ship supplying fuel or other types of oils to relatively bigger ships. This will help the ship’s officer in case any valve is leaking, and the bunker oil is being transferred to the unwanted tank.

“Custody transfer sampling shall apply to all bunker deliveries based on FOB terms in the Port of Singapore.

• Emergency procedure in case oil spill occurs Minimum heating in accordance with fuel analysis data should be applied.

This will allow comparison of ship / shore figures on quantifies loaded to be compared. During the start of the bunker, the pumping rate is kept low; this is done to check that the oil is coming to the tank to which the valve is opened • Responsibilities of each officer are explained Furthermore, when topping-off tank levels or reducing capacity by closing full tanks off, the supplier should be warned, and an appropriate reduction in flow rate considered. She has massive engines, which requires fuel to burn and produce power.

The vessel’s fuel system valves should be re-aligned for normal operation. – Air lock: Depending on internal tank structure and the arrangement of ventilation pipework (exacerbated by excessive trim or list), an excessive pumping rate can cause pockets of air to become trapped in the tank; – Malfunction of valves: Potentially related to lack of valve testing or maintenance; – Loss of containment from transfer pipelines and hoses: This may be because of poor maintenance/insufficient pressure testing, over-pressurisation, or failure to properly close/blank off unused manifold connections. Smaller molecular components such as propane gas, naptha and jet fuel have relatively lower boiling points and they are removed at the initial stage of the fractional distillation process. Should any excessive water be present, the Chief engineer must confirm they are intact. 15. Different components of crude oil have different boiling points. The sample is sent for laboratory analysis. Common causes of bunker spills can be summarised as follows: – Improper set up of pipeline system valves: Potentially causing either overpressure, or flow of bunkers to an unintended location; – Insufficient monitoring of tank levels during bunkering: All tanks, not only those nominated to receive the fuel; – Excessive transfer rate or pressure: Risk of exceeding the design pressure or capacity of the system; also increases operational stress on the crew. For that we would like to share with this article the importance on the bunkering procedure on a ship and what are the important points that are to be taken into consideration while bunkering. The new bunker should not be used until the report from the lab. Consideration should be made to leave scupper plugs in place until departure from the port, but all SOPEP equipment should otherwise be secured and restowed appropriately.

The other image on the right hand side shows the bunker barge approaching a huge oil tanker for the bunkering operation.

Copyright MaritimeKnowhow.com © 2014. Well the solution to this problem is pretty simple; you go to the nearest petrol bunk/gas station and get your vehicle refueled.

It might be required to empty some bunker tanks and transfer the bunkers from one tank to other. for trim purposes) as there may be a tendency to stratification of deterioration. 10. The pre-booming requirements will be met by the bunker supplier.

These can be divided into four stages and checks: The crew designated to perform bunkering duties should not be distracted from their task.

If repeated test indicate that the fuel is not as stated on the delivery receipt contact the vessel's owners - DO NOT ACCEPT THE FUEL IF IT CANNOT BE TREATED OR USED ON THE VESSEL. Specifications Guide Global Bunker Fuels: September …

If the vessel or truck is carrying it to transfer to another ship for using in its machinery, it will be termed as “bunker” and the operation performed to transport the oil is known as “bunkering”. Site produzido por Tuiuiú Comunicação.

Each part which is also known as fraction can be kept apart from the other chemicals.

The vessel’s fuel system valves should be re-aligned for normal operation. After everything is settled the hose connection is removed. For chartered vessels the Chief Engineer is to sign the bunker delivery receipt "received on behalf of Charterers Messrs . Global Marine Transportation Pte Ltd, Singapore, Casting Process of a Metal - Solidification in the Mould, Modern day jobs at sea - Fitters and Wipers. All bunker barges delivering oil must deploy containment boom equipment before starting over-water oil transfers at rates greater than 500 gallons per minute, when it is safe and effective to do so. Bunker fuels have very long hydrocarbon chains and as a result the bunker fuel is highly viscous. The oil refineries also used the catalysts to crack the hydrocarbon chains in the crude oil so as create specific oil fractions. Prior to commencing taking bunkers, a written statement on the bunker delivery note must be received from the suppliers indicating at least viscosity, density, pour point, water content, flash point and fuel delivery temperature for volumetric quantity calculations.

The only thing that is denser than the bunker fuel is residue which is mixed with tar for the paving roads and the sealing roofs. It was derived from a Scottish word “Bunk” which means a reserved seat or bench. The Chief Engineer is to properly plan for the receipt of fuels as below. If a vessel is carrying marine fuel or lube oil to discharge it to another port, it will not be called “bunker”. 6.

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