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would you guys like that? That's how you should be feeling. [...] And I'm saying it once again, I'm not a fan nor an anti. ㄴAnyone listening to the song would get the sermon/speech vibes, but there are fans around the world and domestically who are listening to his song. Legitimately thought he was sampling Jim Jones the rapper until I took a second look. ㄴIf you search up for Jim Jones or Jones Town on Google or Naver, you'll be able to find all the atrocities he's committed. [+226, -1] Right now the foreigners who are living in the countries mentioned are all criticizing this situation, so you think that it's okay for Koreans, who know nothing about the situation, to shield him? ㄴAnd just because it's common doesn't mean that it makes it any better. The kind of person who did a whole photo shoot in front of the holocaust memorial maybe. He couldn't not know what that sampling was. Idk didn't Beyonce sample audio from the Challenger disaster at the start of a love song? Sign up for a new account in our community. Anyways, Yoongi doesn't give a single fuck, he used it knowingly and said whatever he had to say. It's very obvious most of them (if not all) have lost their roots and fame is going in their heads. Other example of person who used Jim Jones. but if you start picking and choosing who is allowed to do it and who is not, then maybe don't ignore the fact that there was a refference to mad murderers in both his flex tracks and that MV to one of those flex-track shows him couping against his mad murderous self. [+260, -3] Imagine Eminem or Kanye West using Chun Doohwan's (de facto leader during Gwangju massacre) of voice when he was blaming the people of Gwangju for their uprising in their songs' introduction and goes "shot shot shot f*cker f*cker f*cker" everyone would be hating on them. It's like how Koreans all know Lee Man Hee (founder of Shincheonji church), everyone in N.A. Can anyone share full lyrics please? First of all, I'm not an Army nor an anti. [...]. I would normally skip that part anyway. [pannchoa] SUGA'S JIM JONES CONTROVERSY RIGHT NOW + TRENDING #1 OVERSEAS. you can ignore the context of the mix-tape if it's an absolute taboo for you to sampe madmen's speeches. people foaming at the mouth to "stick it" to fandom and/or idols themselves are no less ridiculous than oppalogists. Breaking: Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump Test Positive... ONTD Original: Monthly Movie Challenge - October. He isn't the only person who has sampled Jim Jones speech. What in the messy hell, BTS' SUGA thanks COVID-19 for letting him finish mixtape, which includes a Jim Jones sample. I know what he did but wasn't aware most are black people. ㄴI didn't write this in order to drag this issue into a thread, but I want Koreans to know how severe this situation is. At that time, fans all praised him saying "How could he come up with this way to use the sermon? Defending. ㄴAnyways, this happened in the US and he's using Jim Jones sample is obviously problematic. ONTD Reading Challenge October: Get a Job! Now that the song has been released, just listening to the voice, you can tell that it's from Jim Jones. It's like how Koreans all know Lee Man Hee (founder of Shincheonji church), everyone in N.A. [+419, -24] People are saying that a lot of rappers used it already, what are you saying, 3. Stop. I think the song was XO, and she wasn't shit for that. ㄴIf you search up for Jim Jones or Jones Town on Google or Naver, you'll be able to find all the atrocities he's committed. ㄴI can't tell if Suga knew who Jim Jones is when using the sample, but he's registered as the producer, so just the fact of writing these lyrics is problematic. You can adjust your cookie settings, otherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue. Can anyone r/OutoftheLoop me on who he is? But currently, there's a case with the US police (if you don't know, look it up) with black people's human rights that is angering and saddening people right now. ?don’t excuse him — milf hunter⁷ (@childgrave) May 30, 2020 [+197, -21] He got caught in his own trap. We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. K-pop stans seriously have tunnel vision and lack critical thinking. He's really a genius" "he's so hip and cool". Someone made a mistake and he (or someone else who made the track in the improbable case that he wasn't the actual person who made the track) needs to apologize for that. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Stay Away From Her! If this isn't a song about flexing, it's my mistake for misunderstanding it. i hope he apologizes. Jim Jones made this believers believe that he would bring a better life to black people and after the slaughter, he killed himself (this is a huge overview of the event, I'm worried about giving you the real event which is even more horrible) Probably would've gotten more if it had been a single. ㄴSome fans are claiming that it's common to use samples for diss tracks, but first of all, this is not it. 2. knows about Jim Jones. edit: and when I say I would understand a black rapper what I mean is I wouldn't speak on this and let other black people express if it's appropriate or not considering the unfortunate deaths this man is responsible for is black people.

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