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Cloud is the key ingredient for the success or failure of business,  but without guidance, it can be very challenging in terms of adoption strategy, platform selection , service selection  and cost modeling. Enterprises  new to the cloud and cloud native alike can struggle with complex questions such as:

  • Should I have one or more public cloud providers?

  • Can I leverage remaining on-premises resources for a hybrid approach?

  • How should I build the Cloud Agnostic model to avoid any vendor lock in ? 

  • Which services should I use  to remain cloud agnostic but at the same time no to loose the flexibility and features provided by the cloud provider ?

  • How do I prepare my people for the cloud ?

  • How do I control the costs ? 

  • Have I implemented the design correctly ?

  • Are there any security holes in the system ?


Through our Cloud Advisory Services, we work with you  as a trusted advisor answering key questions, defining strategy, managing change, and providing vendor neutral  advice for a wide range of questions.

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