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Generative AI - Some Challenges

Generative  AI is a fashion , reality or just a buzzword. Whatever your view about GenAI , if you are reading this then it is certainly relevant in some form or the other.  

Generative AI has immense possibilities. Enterprises and software development companies of different shapes and sizes are  are exploring , experimenting with GenAI in the area of application development ,  maintenance and deployment Automation.

However there are some common challenges which are faced by companies when adopting GenAI.

Some of  the key challenges are  

  • Up skilling the Human Workforce !

  • Reimagining the business process with the use of GenAI

  • Data Privacy and Security  issues

  • Return on Investment - Is there ROI to justify the investment ?

Considering customers want Proof of Concept (PoC) to understand the promise of Gen AI before committing to it. This process is time consuming and it will certainly take time to leverage full potential of GenAI.

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